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Duro-Nox HS & HSC Densifier

2020 MIP Nominee: Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Concrete Equipment & Materials More

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Nox-Crete’s Clean Line Reveal

Nox-Crete, known for its Silcoseal line of bondbreakers, also offers a full line... More

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Editor's Choice: Tri-Shield

2019 MIP Nominee: Surfaces & Decorative Equipment & Materials More

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Water repellent sealers

Concrete surfaces treated with Nox-Crete sealers Stifel SC for horizontal and... More

Removing old Acrylic Sealers

Nox-Crete introduced a two-component poultice that combines chemical and physical... More

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Nox-Crete Deco-Peel

Nox-Crete’s Deco-Peel is an innovative blanket system for removing acrylic sealer... More

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Form Release Agent

Brick Release reacts with lime present in concrete to create byproducts that prevent the adhesion of concrete to brick surfaces. More

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Nox-Crete + Deco-Strip sealer remover

Deco-Strip sealer remover restores concrete back to its original condition. More

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