Prime Resins Inc

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Injection Resin

When cured, Prime Flex Hydro Gel SX exhibits a tensile elongation of 100%-150%,... More

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Prime Resins taps leader in industrial chemicals and adhesives as GM

Peter Battisti is the new general manager and VP of business development for Prime... More

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Acrylate resin

AR 800 acrylate resin is a very low viscosity hydrophilic grout that produces an... More

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Stops Leaks on Below Grade Concrete Structures

The perfect product for stopping leaks in or around handholes, dams, below grade... More

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Plugs leaky concrete pipes and other buried structures

Resin can also be used to stabilize soil. More

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Prime Resins Inc. Precision Lift System

Tell potential customers they can re-open sidewalks and streets within 15 minutes... More

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Prime Resins Prime Rez 1000 High Mod

Prime Rez 1000 High Mod low-viscosity, high-strength, high-modulus epoxy resin... More

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