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Concrete Infused with Wood Nanocrystals is Stronger

Strengthening concrete can make items lighter while retaining the same strength... More

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Earthquake-resistance water pipes

Researchers have found that medium- and high-density polyethylene pipelines (MDPE and HDPE) survive even when the earth liquefies and shifts. More

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Soybean-Based Treatments Are Sustainabile Solution

New uses for industry byproducts can enhance concrete's performance and... More

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Mobile Change Orders

You can make a change order right from your smartphone with iConfirm. More

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BIM Productivity

BIM can help internal productivity. More

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Soybeans for Concrete

Soybean-based curing works better on regular concrete. More

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Repurposing Materials

Repurposing reuses as-is materials in a new industry. More

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