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Proper Joint Sealant Installation Can Prolong Pavement Life

A new study finds that even poorly sealed joints keep more water out of the... More

Joint Sealant Life Confirmed

New studies prove that properly installed silicone and hot-pour sealants can indeed provide at least a 20-year service life. More

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Research Brings Early Results on Joint Sealants

The Seal/No Seal Group brings you a first look at the results on the current research and testing of sealants and joints. More

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The Big Top

How-To Zone, Sealing Joints, Sustainability and concrete, and new Pervious Blog... More

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Seal/No Seal Group Research Gains Momentum as Industry Recognizes Significance

The Seal/No Seal Group provides the pavement industry with a voice and representation committed to quantify the long-term effectiveness of joint sealants in concrete pavement, and their accomplishments are beginning to make a difference. More

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