10 Ways to Protect Polished Concrete from Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Building owners and cleaning contractors do the cruelest things even when they don... More

Epoxy Coating

The SpecPoxy system provides concrete and steel surfaces with excellent abrasion... More

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Polymer-modified Repair Mortar

Duo Patch is durable in handling repairs up to 2 in. More

Tags: SpecChem, Repair
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SpecChem + E-Cure curing compound

Ideal for hard-trowled concrete surfaces, E-Cure forms a temporary membrane which... More

SpecChem + SpecHard

Functional on both new and existing concrete, VOC-free SpecHard seals and protects... More

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SpecChem's Water-Based Concrete Curing Compound

E-Cure helps resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives. It... More

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