Texas DOT

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Giving Ferry Service New Berth

Space-saving, storm-resistant design expands and improves transportation agency’s... More

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Traffic Signs Hacked to Read Various Messages

"Trump is a shape shifting lizard," this is what a Dallas traffic sign was made to... More

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Roller-compacted concrete makes sense financially

A city engineer’s gamble on roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is paying off with... More

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Grade changes threaten road project deadline

Small changes on big projects can lead to a great deal of extra work. This was the... More

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Transparent barriers mitigate highway noise

The Texas DOT solves two public relations problems with one product. More

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U.S. I-10 undergoes overnight repairs to potholes

In summer 2012, Allen Concrete of El Paso, Texas, was brought in to repair eight... More

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