Topcon Positioning Systems Inc

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Updated asphalt paving system

P-32's control system improves paving speed and quality. More

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Handheld Data Controller

Data controller is designed especially for the construction industry. More

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Intelligent dozer

Dozer features the integration of the manufacturer's machine tracking system. More

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Topcon Poisitioning Systems Inc. + RL-200 rotating laser

The RL-200 rotating laser is a high-powered laser built to provide extreme... More

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The Changing World of Paving Roads

Control of concrete paving work is going stringless, which improves ride and... More

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Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. RL-H4C Self-Leveling Rotating Laser

With an operating range of nearly half a mile (2620 ft.), the RL-H4C self-leveling... More

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Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. GPT-3200NW Series

The GPT-3200NW series of reflectorless total stations offer enhanced nonprism... More

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Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. Millimeter GPS Paver System

The Millimeter GPS Paver System uses GPS positioning combined with zone laser reference to give high accuracy grade reference that covers the entire project while eliminating string-lines. More

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