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8 steps to an accurate cost-of-service analysis

Use this methodology to explain your agency’s true costs and revenue needs to... More

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Keeping green in the black

Nontraditional sources of labor make recycling possible. More

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Will this Design Work?

I’m a mason working in an area devoid of building codes and cannot afford an engineer. I’m building a 16-foot diameter circular gazebo that will have a concrete floor. I will lay 12-inch half blocks side by side in a circle beginning 9 feet below grade and would like to use this space under the gazebo as a basement. The floor above this basement (or the basement ceiling, depending on how you look at it) must be concrete. So I will pour the wall solid and pour the floor at the same time, tying it in with the wall with a grid of 1/2-inch rebar on 8-inch centers to reinforce the floor. Is this rebar spacing, 2 inches up from the bottom of 6 inches of 2000 psi concrete, sufficient for this application? More

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