Bryan Birdwell

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2017 Edition: Most Influential

Plus WOC information and one of the most unique seminars you will ever see. More

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Why Certification Matters

More an opportunity to educate than a hurdle to meet a project requirement More

Why Polishing Contractors Get Screwed

Watch our video to see how to respectfully influence the quality of each step in the polishing process. More

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Contractor to Watch: Birdwell & Associates in Lakeland, Fla.

Bryan Birdwell talks about the success of his family-run concrete paving company... More

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Buying Equipment is Risky Business

Do contractors purchase new and innovative equipment, or stick to the tried-and-true? More

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Open to ideas, Windsor Probe, Installing Small Slabs

As an industry editor I hear from lots of suppliers about how their product will solve one concrete problem or another. I listen patiently, because sometimes there’s a great story to tell. More

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