Kim Basham

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Thoughts and Opinions from the Editor - Controlled Polishing

Bill Palmer provides insight into what's going on in the concrete industry. More

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Efflorescence: Causes and Solutions

A look at what causes efflorescence and how it can be removed. More

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How Common is Out-of-Joint Cracking?

A contractor considers replacing a driveway after cracks appear. More

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Repairing Bugholes

Bugholes commonly occur in vertical cast-in-place concrete. More

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Open to ideas, Windsor Probe, Installing Small Slabs

As an industry editor I hear from lots of suppliers about how their product will solve one concrete problem or another. I listen patiently, because sometimes there’s a great story to tell. More

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Repairing Floor Abrasions

Avoid scratching and gouging a polyaspartic floor coating. More

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Crack Evaluation and Repair

Perform a crack evaluation before repairing the surface. More

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