AltusGroup has produced a new video that describes the patented Graphic Concrete process for producing durable patterns and images on precast concrete surfaces such as walls, cladding panels, spandrels, soundwalls and rainscreens.

The three-minute video appears on AltusGroup’s YouTube channel and website. It follows a June 2017 agreement that makes AltusGroup and its member precasters the exclusive sourcepoint distributor of Graphic Concrete technology in North America.

In addition to showing more than a dozen striking applications worldwide, the video details Graphic Concrete’s environmental, design and practical benefits. The technology combines precast concrete’s durability and aesthetic versatility with Graphic Concrete’s capacity for artistry and creativity. Environmental benefits include the absence of acid-washing and silica dust exposure during production and the elimination of sealing or long-term maintenance to maintain the finish.

The video describes the simple process for creating a distinctive Graphic Concrete treatment with an AltusGroup precaster. First, a pattern is chosen (or created) and imprinted on a special retarder membrane. An appropriate mix design is determined. The membrane is placed at the bottom of the form and concrete is cast atop it. After the panel cures, it is stripped from the mold, and the membrane is removed. The retarder is washed away, revealing the final image. No additional work is needed before the panel can be erected, eliminating the need for fieldwork.

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