Adjustable box-forming system

The Cleco Form All box-forming system provides varying wall thicknesses for almost any precast application. The mold length reaches up to 8 feet, with no limit to span or rise dimensions. Used primarily for wet cast, certain components can be used for dry cast as well. The system also includes the CamWall series collapsing straight panels for dynamic variability. Cleco Mfg. Inc. 603-886-5472. 1.

Double-tee forms

These double-tee forms are designed and built as self-stressing or non-self-stressing forms with fixed, bolt-on, or magnetic sideforms. They are supplied with dual face bulkheads that can include designated holes or finger-plates for easy setup. Optional features include a track for vibrating sled, stem fillers, strand depressor frames, dap block-outs, and incorporated equipment track. The forms come in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-foot widths; custom sizes are available. Bonnybrook Custom Steel Forms. 800-580-1092. 2.

Inverted tee form comes with options

The inverted tee beam form allows self-stressing or non-self-stressing in the lower drafted pan. The jacking end plates are welded to the form. The top ledge side forms hinge back for stripping. Options include hydraulically activated top side forms, and side and bottom fillers. Hamilton Form Co. 817-590-2111. 3.

Aluminum blockouts for precast concrete

The new line of Ezy-Stryp aluminum blockouts works in combination with button magnets for quick positioning within the form. They can be used to create rectangular or circular openings in precast concrete. Adjustable block-outs, with a minimum diameter of 12 inches, are also available for a wide range of casting requirements. Spillman. 800-443-6767. 4.

Precast wall panels with carbon fiber grid

You can change the way you make precast concrete. CarbonCast precast concrete technology uses a non-corrosive, high-strength carbon fiber grid to replace conventional reinforcement, making stronger and lighter elements. The technology creates an alternative for building with precast concrete that provides structural composite panels with significant R values. AltusGroup Inc. 866-462-5887. 5.

Polymer-coated panels, facings

MCO concrete forming panels are laminated with a composite polymer material to provide a clean release without any oils or other form release agents. This helps minimize costs and environmental risks. The reusable, edge-sealed plywood panels are available dual-faced, or single-faced with a protective backing. Facings are available with adhesive backs to apply to forms in the field. Optional features include anti-pest and anti-fungal/mold protection. Maxam Industries Inc. 703-718-2110. 6.

Architectural form release

Nox-Crete PCE is a form release agent specially designed for architectural concrete. It also works well with low-slump, high-density, and superplasticized mixes. This biodegradable formula dries to a non-slippery film and reduces bugholes and binding. Nox-Crete Products Group. 800-669-2738. 7.

Release agent protects formwork

Magic Kote is a chemically neutralized form release designed to reduce concrete buildup and formwork cleaning. It protects the formwork against rust and won't stain, discolor, or leave a residue. Available in standard or cherry-scented formulas, it is water insoluble, low sulfur, and contains no waxes. Symons. 800-800-7966. 8.

Lightweight clamp formwork system

Frami is a lightweight clamp system for fast, economical forming of foundations and small areas. Manufactured for the U.S. market, the measurements are in feet and inches. One panel can be used to form a 9-foot wall, and with just two ties, the panel can withstand full liquid head. Available for handset or ganged applications, the panels can be used for walls, columns, grade beams, and footings. Doka USA Ltd. 800-631-1978. 9.