Second level filtration

The Polylok high-pressure effluent filter acts as a second level of filtration in difficult drainage environments to keep orifice lines clean. Installed on the discharge side of any effluent pump, it filters solids before they reach the drain field. The 30-mesh screen has a larger effective area for longer filtering time between cleaning. Polylok Inc. 888-765-9565.

Disinfect with UV unit

The Salcor model 3G ultraviolet disinfection unit is designed to disinfect effluent from small aerobic treatment plants, reducing fecal coliform bacteria levels well below the most stringent U.S. treatment standards. This patent-pending device couples directly to the discharge pipe and is permanently installed belowgrade. Operating on 120-V DC power, the UV light source can be inserted or removed through the top of the riser pipe for periodic servicing. Salcor Inc. 760-731-0745.

Flexible gasket for pipe to manhole

The Duraseal III is a patented, multi-finned flexible gasket that produces a positive watertight fit wherever a pipe makes contact with a manhole base. It becomes an integral part of the pipe and cannot slip, twist, or dislodge. It works on pure compression, with no need for installation kits, take-up clamps, or additional tools. It also can be installed in wet or dry conditions. Blackthorn Inc. 800-836-6113.

Fixes failing septic systems

The Aquaworx Remediator rejuvenates failing, biologically clogged septic systems with minimal landscape disruption. This easy-to-install system is inserted into existing septic tanks and provides a permanent solution by aerating and circulating the effluent to generate an active culture of the introduced bacteria. Infiltrator Systems Inc. 800-221-4436.

Improve septic efficiency

The Bionest treatment system accelerates the natural purification process, increasing septic tank systems' effectiveness. It uses a non-biodegradable filter media that doesn't require replacement. The system installs underground, won't affect existing landscaping, and uses a smaller leach field than conventional systems. Bionest Technologies. 866-538-5662.

Spiral-wrapped filter

The BayFilter uses an easy-to-handle cartridge design and a proven mixed media sand filter to provide efficient, effective, and economical stormwater treatment. With a proprietary spiral-wrapped construction, the cartridge has 42 sq. feet of surface area and removes very fine sediment and nutrient pollutants at a maximum flow rate of 30 gpm. BaySaver Technologies Inc. 800-229-7283.

Commercial-sized treatment unit

The Biopod, a larger, commercial version of the company's NSF-certified Ecopod wastewater treatment unit, can treat up to 100,000 gallons per day, and is suited for high-strength applications like restaurants and wineries. It features a submerged fixed film reactor and does not have any sludge return, scum skimmers, or any other operational control. Delta Environmental Products. 800-219-9183.

Septic access systems

Quanics Access Systems provide easy access to septic tanks, dosing tanks, and basin systems. Their patented interlocking design and neoprene gaskets reduce the possibility of water intrusion. The high-density, non-corrosive, UV-resistant polyethylene material is easy to install and maintain. Tamper-resistant fasteners reduce the possibility of unauthorized entry. They are available in many sizes and are wheel-load tested to withstand up to 2500 lbs. Quanics Inc. 877-782-6427.