Concrete pumps in precast plants may increase productivity and simplify plant operations. Pumps have been speeding up the transport of concrete at construction sites for many years, but their introduction to the plant is rather recent. Precast plants that use concrete pumps generally do so to save on labor costs, production time, and maintenance. Normally forklift and dump bucket are used to transport concrete around a precast plant. This method involves at least three laborers, and often wastes concrete and takes up extra space. The pump can work quicker and more efficiently than the forklift and bucket. Tremca, a Quebec precast plant just south of Montreal, uses a pump in its work. The company uses a Fielding machine which requires a liquid mix that must be pumped in. The pump runs at least 40 hours a week, usually for 48 weeks a year. Tremca has not experienced any trouble with the pump. The company president, Serge Plante, says, "The pump saves time and labor and supplies a continuous feed." Plante stresses that a pump will not generate new business on its own. Evaluating both the way your company will use the pump, and the type of concrete you process, are important before making the investment. Consider the specific function the pump will perform and how this will benefit your company.