The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) announced its first state partnership with the newly established Utah Ready Mixed Concrete Association (URMCA) in October.

The URMCA has been in the initial operating process for the past year. They can now get to work as a fully operational organization in 2018 with the help of their new Executive Director, Brad Stevenson. Stevenson has 35 years’ experience working in the industry.

“After years of being involved with the NRMCA and taking a look at the needs in the Wasatch Front and in Northern Utah, we realized that we needed to have a greater presence in the state of Utah to let people know the values of ready-mixed concrete,” Jay Ritchie URMCA Chairman and Geneva Rock Products, Inc. Vice President said. “Ready-mixed concrete producers and suppliers are bonding together as an organization in order to have a staff of people who can be involved daily to promote the usage and benefits of ready-mixed concrete. In particular, it’s long term life, sustainability, safety and durability.”

“We’ve talked about having our own association for years,” Bob Rowberry URMCA Board of Directors member and Jack B. Parson Companies President said. “The goal is to promote ready-mixed concrete products. With the NRMCA and local presidents’ support, I think we’ll eventually see a bigger push toward the use of concrete. I’m excited about it.”

The URMCA includes most of the ready-mixed producers in the area and, in the future, may begin to include associate members such as local contractors. Current businesses on board include: Geneva Rock Products, Jack B. Parson Companies, Altaview Concrete, Ash Grove Cement, Holcim and Mountain Cement.“I’m excited for the opportunity to bring great people together to promote this great product that we’ve all dedicated our lives to,” URMCA Vice Chair Scott Reynolds of Altaview Concrete said.

The URMCA has plans to implement training seminars and workshops for the concrete community. They also plan to educate the community and state legislators about the production of ready-mixed concrete. Ritchie said that URMCA members hope the partnership with the NRMCA will create a higher level of synergy amongst the local community who can benefit from the NRMCA’s expertise, experience in promotion and lobbying efforts.

“I am excited to see Utah’s ready mix producers join together to elevate the industry with effective training, promotion and advocacy,” Scott Parson, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Chairman and Staker Parson Companies President said. ”It’s especially exciting that the URMCA is the first partner association in the country.”

Utah Ready Mixed Concrete Association
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