The only U.S.-made hydraulic excavator doesn’t require an extra truck and a lowboy trailer to move from jobsite to jobsite.

XL 4100 IV Gradall excavators have a host of mobility advantages including highway travel speed capability up to 60 mph, eliminating the expense, time and manpower needed by excavators that require an extra truck and a lowboy trailer. At the end of the day, the XL 4100 IV models also can be quickly driven back to the safety of the equipment yard.

The excavator’s ease and speed of mobility is one feature of the Gradall AutoDrive package that includes a push-button automatic transmission -- standard equipment that makes travel easier with either a 6x4 or 6x 6 undercarriage on city streets, interstate highways or on off-the-grid roads.

The AutoDrive system also has a uniquely designed transfer case -- the heart of the unique remote drive design that enables an operator in the upper cab to reposition the machine around job sites or over the length of a culvert or ditch at speeds up to 5 mph. The XL 4100 IV generates power for all mobility and productivity functions with a single 245 hp engine.

Just as famous as Gradall mobility is its global reputation for multi-job versatility, thanks to the XL 4100 IV’s powerful boom that telescopes out to a maximum radius of 30.3 feet, digs straight down up to 20.3 feet and has a breakout force measured at 24,900 pounds. The telescoping design also delivers constant boom forces and speed throughout the dig cycle -- an advantage over conventional knuckle booms.

Able to precisely position a host of attachments for optimum productivity with a variety of challenges, the entire boom tilts up to 220 degrees with full boom power -- another advantage over conventional excavators’ boom-end tilt attachments that sacrifice power.

Joysticks are used to manage the precise movements of the Gradall boom. Using an in-cab switch, it’s easy to select either the Gradall, Deere or SAE joystick pattern, shortening the learning curve for new operators.

The advanced hydraulic system has pressure-compensated, load-sensing valves with reliefs on all circuits, delivering the right amount of hydraulic power for efficient digging, demolishing, placing highway barriers or lifting heavy material. The same system automatically conserves fuel when it is used for sloping, finishing, storm and canal cleanup, tree trimming and many other jobs.

XL 4100 IV models have a total unit weight of about 49,684 lbs. They have a high-performance, high-reliability 24-volt electrical system as well as high-visibility LED lighting and a compact tail swing for productivity on roadside jobs without obstructing traffic. Cabs are roomy and comfortable with standard features like air conditioning and ergonomically designed seating modules.

Over 80 percent of the service parts on each Gradall machine are interchangeable, simplifying inventory processes to assure normal service parts are available.

The only hydraulic excavators manufactured in America, Gradall models are a product of Gradall Industries and meet or exceed ISO 9001-2008 standards for quality.

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