Lytx, introduced the Unisyn platform, a wholly new video telematics model that gives unprecedented levels of quality video access and video expandability to fleets and field operations of all sizes and profiles.

The Unisyn platform features always-on access to up to seven days or more, depending on

the user chosen resolution of cloud-connected video. Access, review and manage video from fleets and field operations when, where and how you want, in real time, or a few days after an incident has occurred.

A proprietary combination of hardware and wireless network technology enables the Unisyn platform to seamlessly integrate and synchronize high-definition video from as many cameras as a client wishes, including, but not limited to:

· Forward-facing to capture what’s in front of the driver
· Side view to capture activity adjacent to the vehicle
· Side-mirror to capture activity both adjacent to and near the front of the vehicle
· Rear view to capture activity behind the vehicle
· Cargo interior to capture activity within the cargo hold
· Dock/warehouse to validate activity in the presence of the vehicle
· Interior to capture situations of security concern within the vehicle

Resulting video and corresponding telematics data can be accessed from the cloud in real time or on demand, from virtually any cloud-connected device including iOS and Android mobile devices.


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