FleetLink comes in two packages, FleetLink for small pavers and FleetLink Advanced for use with large soil and asphalt rollers as well as large highway class pavers. Both packages come standard with a new Atlas Copco machine purchase and includes the hardware module, access to an online fleet management portal, and a monthly connection package subscription, which customers can extend after the three years.

FleetLink is used on Atlas Copco small pavers, including the F1200C, and is compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment. The system records the location of the equipment and working hours. It also includes a tool to set one or more geo-fences for a single machine or a group of machines. The geo-fence program automatically sends a message to a pre-defined email address when a machine enters or leaves the designated area, allowing customers to track their machines even when not logged in on the webpage.

FleetLink Advanced is used on Atlas Copco soil rollers ranging from the CA1500 to the CA6500, asphalt rollers CC2200 to the CC6200 as well as large highway class pavers such as the F800T, F800W, F1000T and F1000W. This system includes all the features and functions of FleetLink but also monitors each machine’s parameters and performance every minute. Having this data available optimizes fleet usage, reduces waste and saves time and money. For instance, fleet managers can see if a piece of equipment is standing idle at a time when they would expect it to be in use. They can then talk to the operator to determine the cause and find a solution.

The Advanced system allows for further analysis and checks the equipment performance in customizable timeframes. Users can track the machine’s coolant temperature, travel time, fuel consumption and load factor, improving performance. FleetLink Advanced users can export and save all data for further analysis.

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