Deep-digging loader

The 450E backhoe loader has a digging depth of 17 feet 3 inches when equipped with a standard stick; the extendible stick increases the maximum depth to 21 feet 4 inches. The unit operates at 124 hp net, and it comes with a general-purpose loader bucket with a 1.75-cu.-yd. capacity. A high-rotation linkage eliminates the need to change pin position when moving from loading trucks to vertical wall trenching. An enhanced transmission enables the machine to travel at speeds up to 25 mph. Other features include pilot-operated joystick controls, advanced hydraulics, comfort-enhanced cab, power-assisted brakes, and a computer tool that enables users to remotely collect and track machine performance information. Caterpillar Inc.

Backhoe with combo transmission

The CBL40 compact backhoe loader features a load-sensing Hydro Mechanical Transmission that blends a hydrostatic transmission with a mechanical transmission. Its hydraulic system uses two variable displacement piston pumps, which allow simultaneous operation of the backhoe boom, arm, bucket, and swing function for maximum productivity. The backhoe control is switchable and easy to operate, reducing operator training requirements. Yanmar Construction Equipment.

15-foot backhoe loaders

With operating weights of 16,530 and 18,780 pounds, and loader bucket options up to 1.5 cu. yds., the WB156-5 and WB156PS-5 backhoe loaders are in the 15-foot backhoe class. Each comes in canopy or enclosed, dual-entry cab versions; the cab's curved shape and large windows provide 360-degree visibility. A backhoe- or excavator-style control pattern can be chosen with a standard control-pattern change valve. A telescopic dipper arm allows for a ground level reach of 23½ feet. Komatsu America Corp.

Rugged backhoe loaders

M Series 2 backhoe loaders range in power from 76 to 98 hp, with loader capacities of 6182 to 7327 pounds. Enhancements to the line include better-performing engines and low-effort pilot control options. All of the machines accept a wide variety of attachments, including an angle broom, augers, bits, buckets (including a 4-in-1 model), hydraulic hammers, landscape rakes, pallet forks, and snow blades. Case.

Compact backhoe

The 5TC compact tractor loader backhoe is small enough to fit in areas inaccessible to larger machines, yet powerful enough to tackle heavy-duty projects. A new, sloped hood improves visibility, and the cabin has also been ergonomically redesigned. Featuring a 20-hp gas engine, the unit has an 8-foot digging depth and a loader capacity of 1700 pounds. Terramite Corp.

Excavator-style controls

The BL71 backhoe loader can now be equipped with excavator-style pilot controls. Sited on fully adjustable control columns, the comfort-grip joystick offers precision operation with minimal effort for all backhoe functions. For operators more comfortable with ISO control systems, which are common on excavators, a valve can be fitted that converts controls to that platform. The machine also is fitted with a new loader attachment bracket; a hydraulic control panel eliminates manual changeover. Volvo Construction Equipment North America Inc.

Small-site machine

The B300 backhoe loader is a 9260-pound machine that can work in confined spaces. The loader end has a rated operating capacity of 3150 pounds; the backhoe offers a bucket digging force of 6821 pounds. The company's quick-change attachment system makes it easy to move from one attachment to another. Available loader attachments include buckets, dozers, grapples, and snowplows; backhoe attachments include augers, plate compactors, buckets, and a packer wheel. Bobcat, an Ingersoll Rand Co.

Utility-truck attachments

The U500 utility truck is now available with street-sweeper, mower, and hooklift attachments. The regenerative air sweeper has a 138-inch sweeping path, 8.4-cu.-yd. hopper, and water-holding capacity of 250 gallons. The combination front-mounted mower has one large and one small mower head, letting the operator simultaneously mow large swaths and reach difficult areas. The hooklift loader—with a capacity of 14,000 pounds—is powered by the truck's onboard hydraulic system and operated with an in-cab joystick. Unimog North America.

‘Natural' paving product

Resin Pave uses native soil and materials to create roads, paths, and other surfaces. The system includes Road Oyl, a dust-control and soil-stabilization product that mixes with existing site soil to create permanent, natural paved surfaces. Adjusting the mix design helps users create the appropriate surface for their particular climate and application requirements. To maintain the created surfaces, apply Road Oyl topically to the area. Midwest Industrial Supply.

Gas-powered rammers

MTX Series rammers feature an anti-vibration feature designed to increase productivity while reducing the risk of fatigue-induced injury. The gasoline-powered units deliver up to 3500 pounds of impact force on cohesive and mixed soils. Each of the rammers can work in a diverse range of jobs—in trenches and around retaining walls, solidifying bases for concrete slabs and footings, and in confined areas. Multiquip Inc.