The BF90.3 is the flagship jaw crusher attachment produced and patented by MB Crusher in 2001. It became the first crusher bucket to be manufactured in the world. Today, it continues to be the most popular model for medium- to large sized companies.

This crushing attachment has already changed the industry by giving contractors a versatile tool to manage on-site processing and work within narrow spaces -- where for some contractors, the work is challenging and requires several calculated navigation techniques that only skilled operators could manage. Thus, it allows contractors the flexibility to work in urban and underground areas, and on steep slopes, pipelines, and roads. Contractors and businesses will reduce time spent on the job and save transportation and buyback costs.

When contractors can crush on-site with a crusher attachment, they produce reusable material for immediate on-site use, optimize productivity and eliminate the need to transport material to a processing facility.

It will crush down natural stone and asphalt, railway sleepers, hollow core walls, and reinforced and non-reinforced concrete into reusable aggregate materials for base or fill. The BF90.3 crushing attachment is ideal for excavators weighing over 46,300 pounds and has a load capacity of 1.18 cubic yards. It achieves a production rate from 16 cy/h to 55 cy/h, depending on the output adjustment setting. The BF90.3 has an adjustable output setting from 0.5 in to 5.0 in. It has a mouth opening of 36 inches wide by 21 inches high.

It is one of many crushing attachment models MB Crusher offers which include models designed for skid loaders, loaders, and backhoes. MB Crusher also manufactures a line of trommel screening attachments for skid loaders, loaders, backhoes, and excavators, as well as dual head rotary drum cutters and 360-degree rotation grapples.

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