General Shale

Hot trends in fired clay brick show preferences for whites, greys and lighter colors, thin brick, rustic/weathered textures, and larger brick sizes. Brick Industry Association (BIA) member manufacturers around the country report that residential and commercial trends include whites, light greys, ivories, rough-hewn textures, glazed brick, and larger brick sizes. Brief video: White-Hot Brick: 2017 Trends.

“As an abundant natural resource made in America, brick options continue to evolve for virtually endless aesthetic flexibility,” said Ray Leonhard, BIA’s president and CEO.

“Our whites, ivories, and light greys are being requested more and more, either as a full project or to complement a darker, more traditional brick on a project,” said Dawn Henning, director of marketing and retail sales, General Shale.

“Secondly, thin brick is probably the biggest trend that is catching on everywhere,” added Henning. “I get requests from all over the world for our thin brick.”

In addition to greys and creamy neutrals as a base color, Triangle Brick adds modern farmhouses and bungalows pairing brick with subtle exterior tones. Larger brick sizes are also trending, said Stephanie Kennedy, marketing manager at Redland Brick Inc., The Belden Brick Company. The company’s Cushwa plant now offers Molded Roman face brick with longer and more linear dimensions than those of standard modern brick.

Acme Brick Company echoes trending colors, textures, and sizes. “We are still seeing a trend to lighter colors or white-washed looking brick,” said John Brewer, Acme’s Central Texas regional sales manager. “Residentially, King Size brick is still the largest in demand,” he said. “Everyone wants a very rustic, beat-up finish.”

The Belden Brick Company reports that thin brick and glazed brick also continue to rise, along with clay pavers in diverse sizes. “Thin brick continues to sell,” said Mark Britko, Belden’s manager, strategic markets, whose company has expanded its glazed brick offerings and capabilities. Trends also include clay paver patterns using other sizes with the normal 4 X 8s.

Recent residential trends also include kitchens, dining rooms and exposed brick walls adjacent to sleek, industrial interior finishes.