XL Hybrids, Inc., the leader in connected fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, today announced the company received a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) allowing aftermarket conversions of gasoline-powered Ford Transit cargo vans and passenger wagons to be upgraded with the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System. This executive order is the first-ever awarded by CARB for electrifying Ford Transit vans and wagons and covers model years 2017, 2016 and 2015.

CARB also awarded XL Hybrids with the first California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) vehicle eligibility allowing an incentive for aftermarket conversions of gasoline-powered Ford Transit vans and wagons into hybrid electric vehicles for model years 2017, 2016, and 2015. California fleets can receive $2,500 vouchers for each Ford Transit van or wagon upfitted with XL Hybrids’ XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System for up to 100 vehicles per fleet. The second 100 vehicles per fleet will receive $2,000 vouchers for each upfitted Ford Transit van. XL Hybrids conversions for CARB-compliant GM vans and wagons also qualify for HVIP.

“XL Hybrids is honored to receive the first CARB aftermarket hybrid electric vehicle conversion EO for the Ford Transit,” said Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer for XL Hybrids. “Our XL3 Hybrid System is especially effective for fleets in metropolitan settings with vehicles in stop-and-go traffic. XL3-equipped Ford Transits can provide fuel economy improvements and sustainability benefits for many California businesses and organizations.”

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System increases miles driven per gallon by approximately 25 percent. The technology works seamlessly in the background with zero impact on fleet operations. No driver training, or charging or fueling infrastructure required.

The HVIP offers point-of-sale incentives for clean trucks and buses in California. HVIP helps fleet and vehicle owners move into trucks and buses that reduce emissions, fuel consumption and support California’s goals to promote a clean climate future. Fleets operated by public, private and non-profit organization are eligible.

XL Hybrids vehicles include the XL Link cloud-based big data analytics system, which measures MPG performance and reports sustainability benefits. The proprietary XL Link vehicle connectivity is a continuous data link from every vehicle, collecting millions of operational data points, allowing analysis and reports on key performance indicators.

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