DBI-SALA® has revolutionized the fall protection industry with the Nano-Lok™ edge Self-Retracting Lifeline. Not an easy task when you consider the over 500 drop tests with more than 200 lifeline variations it took to engineer the first personal SRL designed for foot-level tie-off and sharp edge applications. We know there’s not always an opportunity for a worker to anchor overhead. In fact, in concrete construction and many other industries, anchoring at foot level may be the only option. Traditional equipment is not designed for foot level tie-off and actually may increase the risk of injury and creates a false sense of security.

The Nano-Lok™ edge is specifically designed for foot level tie-off, virtually eliminating these hazards. As you know, concrete comes in many variations and can have sharp, abrasive leading edges which can easily cut, shred or damage traditional lifelines. The Nano-Lok™ edge uses an innovative combination of lifeline material, energy absorption, and harness connection to reduce forces on both the worker and the edge. The Nano-Lok™ edge is the first and only personal SRL on the market to pass ANSI Z359.14, the most stringent sharp edge standard.

This innovative technology keeps workers safe in dangerous situations they encounter every day. The Nano-Lok™ edge firmly supports Capital Safety’s mission to bring every worker at height home safely. For more information visit us at www.capitalsafety.com

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