Cemen Tech concrete solutions are a portfolio of products that bring extraordinary value and flexibility to contractors who need concrete. These solutions were developed to break the traditional methods of concrete production and offer alternative solutions for customers who want to take control of their projects. Settling for what has worked in the past no longer gets the job done.   Today’s construction market demands high productivity and increased value from the equipment they purchase. Cemen Tech changes the game by providing a complete solution for accurate concrete production anywhere, at any time.

Existing concrete producers can supplement their current fleets with Cemen Tech’s volumetric mixers to help fulfill their customer’s short load needs.  Producers can continue to deliver concrete at night or on the weekends without having to fire up an existing batch plant just to produce a minimal amount of concrete.

Contractors benefit from Cemen Tech’s concrete solutions because it gives them complete control of their concrete.  Cemen Tech concrete solutions allow them to pour the exact strength of concrete they need in any amount at any time.  Contractors save money by producing the concrete themselves instead of purchasing it from traditional suppliers. 

City and state governments also find Cemen Tech volumetric mixers an ideal solution for their concrete needs. Curb, sidewalk, highway, and street repair or trench and sand bag filling requires fast, reliable equipment to do the required work. Cemen Tech solutions deliver on durability and productivity, while letting them control concrete delivery and eliminate non-productive wait time. Plus, Cemen Tech mixers meet all the specifications required for municipal projects.

The most recent addition to the Cemen Tech family of concrete production solutions is the C60 mobile mixer.  It is the most advanced volumetric mixer on the market today. 

The C60 features a new electronic control panel.  The panel allows those in the field to view the exact amount of concrete being poured. All of the information required is displayed on a digital readout allowing the operator to see the exact rate materials are being used.

A key innovation of the C60 is the addition of a GPS tracking solution.  The system will allow tracking of the mixer’s location and will alert managers when and where a mixer stops, as well as how many times the mixer runs each day. 

The new C60 offers concrete producers several innovations to the controls.  The calibration and mix designs stored in the machine allow quick and easy calibrations and allows the operator to smoothly change between mix designs. Speed and flow rates are set based on the mix design and maintained at the target setting throughout the pour for consistent, high quality concrete.  The C60 is engineered to account for moisture content in the aggregate. It adjusts the amount of water at start-up to accurately produce quality concrete. This machine also comes equipped with auto-stow and auto-washout functions to reduce downtime between pours. The mixer uses these functions to automatically clean out the auger after use and to properly rotate and raise the mixer into travel position with the push of a button.

Cemen Tech will be exhibiting two C60 mixers at World of Concrete 2016.  One will be located in the Central Hall booth C6402. The other will be in the Silver Lot in booth O30165 and will be pouring fast-setting concrete multiple times during the show.  Come see how these new benefits can help your business.

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