Like other personal protective equipment (PPE), when choosing hearing equipment for yourself and your workforce, you must factor in the fit, comfort, and compatibility with other devices. Luckily, our sister publication Remodeling has tips from 3M on how to help you do just that.

The proper fit is key as an improper fit greatly reduces the amount of noise reduction that the product can provide. One thing about the fit that most do not know is the ear plug needs to go deeper into the ear canal and if fit properly should not be visible to someone looking directly at you:

How do you verify proper fit of an earplug? After you’ve inserted the earplugs, cup your hands over your ears. If you hear a drop in the ambient noise around you, it means the earplugs weren’t fit properly and you need to refit them. If the ambient noise level stays the same, it‘s an indication that you have achieved a proper fit.

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