Clemons Concrete Coatings Supreme Shield SB is a solvent based penetrating sealer designed for stamped concrete, concrete pavers, and other porous concrete surfaces. Supreme Shield SB will enhance the color and give the wet look to concrete without adding gloss and the plastic look associated with traditional film forming sealers. Once the concrete surface is treated, the surface repels water and oil to prevent staining.

Supreme Shield SB is innovative in the fact that it enhances and preserves the color of concrete without the challenges of film forming sealers. It eliminates the issues of bubbling, stringing, and cracking acrylic on the surface of concrete. The customer gets the benefits of penetrating sealers and the benefits of film forming sealers without the problems associated with film forming sealers.

The major benefits include enhancing and preserving the natural color of the concrete, water and salt resistance, stain and oil resistance, ease of use, and available in 3 different VOC versions for the entire U.S. Canada, and Mexico.

Supreme Shield SB can meet the needs of any concrete contrator looking for the best  hassle free easy to use sealer on the market.

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