The masonry industry just became more colorful with the new SPEC MIX 25-Channel Colored Mortar Display Kit. To promote the consistency and quality of dry, factory preblended colored mortar to design professionals, building owners and contractors the sample kit includes ten standard colors as well as fifteen additional colors readily produced by over 60 SPEC MIX plants located across North America. The display kit is intended as quick reference for the endless custom colored mortars that can be produced at SPEC MIX facilities.

SPEC MIX market representatives are skilled at matching mortars from existing buildings as well as picking colors from a spectrum of options to ensure only the correct colored mortar is produced and shipped to the project from start to finish.

Coloring mortar accurately and consistently is only achieved by weighing all mortar constituents in a dry state, including the pigment, before the materials go through a specialized computer batching system. This is what has earned the SPEC MIX organization the reputation as a leader in colored masonry mortars produced for the commercial and residential construction markets.

When building owners and designers want a unique color that supports their vision for a project, the options for custom SPEC MIX colored mortars are endless and consistent from batch to batch. The new SPEC MIX Colored Mortar Display Kit is sure to be a welcomed addition to the masonry industry.


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