COMMANDassurance technology ensures that concrete materials meet all quality and specification requirements the moment they are delivered to a jobsite. The software captures real-time and historical data on the concrete properties of a load from initial loading to placement. Slump, temperature, volume, drum rotation, and other data that summarizes the overall workability of the concrete in the drum is available to drivers, dispatchers, and producers.

Notifications and displays indicate when the load is ready to leave the yard, when it is ready for discharge, how much water was added, and other key factors. This saves building contractors delivery costs by ensuring that less time is spent performing adjustments in-transit and conducting tests at the jobsite.

Quality personnel can rely on the historical load data to evaluate and optimize mix designs, reducing the need to overdesign mixes. This saves building contractors on material costs from the ready-mix producer since they can more accurately design mixes to specifications. It also mitigates the risk of rejected loads or having to rip up concrete that has already been placed.

Production can adjust future loads on the same order based on real-time information coming back from the loads in-transit, allowing further streamlining of the next delivery cycle and assuring that quality materials are consistently delivered. COMMANDassurance helps jobs stay on track and delivers peace of mind to building contractors.

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