The Versatile Light Paver is a concrete paving machine that has overhead main frame sections to provide strength, support & rigidity to the paver frame structure, similar to a bridge deck finisher truss frame. It has paving profile frames (air screed sections attached to the bottom of the main frame) that are used to strike-off and pave the concrete surface to the required grade for overhead bridge decks, light & heavy-rail decks, flat roadways and slabs on grade.

The machine is self-propelled, allowing the operator the ability to control the speed of the paver to match the concrete delivery, while providing a continued smooth finished surface.

Because of the efficient way the paver "screeds" the surface, the paving crew's labor for finishing time is greatly reduced.

This machine was originally designed to pave the areas in between the rebar in the concrete plinths for a "Light Rail" project, but has now been designed and engineered for multiple paving applications.

The main benefit of the VLP is that the paver can be used in tight and constricted areas reducing the labor finishing cost for contractors where this work was previously done by "hand". The paver can also be used where there are multiple obstructions in the paving surface, allowing continued production even with the obstacles. This paver is highly productive and reduces the cost for labor and finishing to the point that contractors have said they can accomplish in one day what would normally take a week, providing a tremendous cost saving to contractors.

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