The A97 Shot Blaster is an innovative new take on a classic design. This machine strips, cleans and profiles concrete prior to a new coating being put down. While traditional shot blasters all mirror each other in geometry and form, we worked hard to bring new functionality to this machine. Innovative features elevate the user experience and increase productivity in the work.

This innovative new machine combines the best aspects of traditional shot blasting with new features designed to increase efficiency and productivity on the job. The user experience is cleaner and intuitive, thanks in part to a creative new joystick design. The joystick and telescoping handle creates more intuitive and reflexive operation that requires less input from the operator, which minimizes fatigue and allows longer operating times.

Reverse machine operation allows you more control over positioning, direction and line overlapping, while front and rear lights illuminate the work area. The body is designed out of solid Manganese steel that actually becomes stronger and more durable over time.

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