The BeastBarrow’s secondary, in-line, swiveling wheel no longer requires a user to carry the weight of a load when pushing materials on a jobsite. The patented rear-wheel supports the load, making balancing and pushing much easier than using a traditional wheelbarrow. Simply lift the handles of the BeastBarrow like you would an ordinary wheelbarrow and the second wheel engages on its own. While pushing, counter any imbalance by leaning opposite the tilt. When done pushing the load, a slight lift of the handles creates the momentum needed to bring the second wheel back underneath.

The frame and tub are made of heavy gauge aluminum for a lighter, more durable product, and the squared corners of the tub work better with flat shovels and hoes for mixing and shoveling. The handles are curved and slightly higher than traditional wheelbarrows for a more comfortable hold. It comes with a solid 1-inch axle and two wide tires, each with a 500 pound capacity. All of these upgrades, combined with the second swiveling wheel, make for one heck of a beast that saves operator’s backs and increases productivity.

Beast Barrow
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