The BOLT STAR Square Foundation Edition is the first reusable anchor bolt template for square forms and building foundations. The tool delivers a fast and accurate method of placing 4 anchor bolts in building foundations, spread footings and a wide variety of other concrete foundations requiring square bolt patterns.

The innovative square foundation anchor bolt template is versatile on the job site with over 40 templates in 1 built right into the tool. Measurements in both inches and metrics are precision engraved into the top of the tool for fast, accurate set up involving 5" to 10" (127 to 254 mm) bolt square patterns. The tool comes with hardware for secure fastening to 24" or larger forms. No hole drilling required as bolt slots will accept up to 1" diameter bolts. Last minute adjustments can be made easily on the job site if necessary.

Other innovative features include wide arm openings for ease of getting concrete into the form faster, cage tie slots for supporting the rebar cage, and integrated bubble levels. The tool's arched arms provide ample room to trowel finish the entire foundation without waiting around to remove the template, lowering the risk of form marks or "leaners" requiring costly rework.

Three ways contractors benefit:

  1. Saves labor- cuts set up time in half and increases the productivity of crews in the accurate installation of anchor bolts with no measuring, cutting or hole drilling needed
  2. Reusable – simply hose off and use again
  3. Reduces Risk - creates a standardized, efficient process for achieving consistent accuracy and quality. Delivers "perfect bolts" every time.

The tool's versatility extends to round concrete forms as well. Snap off the tool's red adaptors and use the yellow 30" Bolt Star template for applications requiring 7" to 14" (178 to 356 mm) bolt circle diameters on 30" (762 mm) round forms.

Bolt Star
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