Different tools let you break, cut, dig, or tamp with the same pneumatic breaker. But you can make the work easier and faster by choosing the right tool. Rather than basing tool choice on trial and error, learn which tool was made for each job. There are five basic categories of tools available: breakers; cutters; spades and frost wedges; bushing tools; and drivers and tampers.


Breakers include standard moil point, heavy-duty moil point, and standard narrow chisel.


Types of cutters are: standard 3-inch chisel bit, 3-inch digging chisel, asphalt cutter, and an asphalt wedge.


These lightweight tools are a good choice for the utility contractor who wants to increase the cubic yards of excavation per day. The clay spade, clay pick, and frost wedge are the types of tools in this category.


Bushing tools have a serrated face with rows of pyramidal points made of hardened steel. The chipping hammer, electric hammer, carbide toothed, and paving breaker are all types of bushing tools.


You can save time and effort by using tools that drive stakes and pipes into the ground. The pin driver and pipe driver are examples of this kind of tool. A paving breaker can be converted into a tamper with a detachable shank and tamper pads.