The Simpson Strong-Tie Blue Banger Hanger threaded insert has received the first International Building Code (IBC) report issued for a specialty cast-in-place insert. The code report (ICC-ES ESR-3707) is the first one for this type of anchor under ICC-ES AC 446. The code report:
• Covers all sizes of the Blue Banger Hanger wood form inserts and metal deck inserts
• Addresses both cracked and uncracked normal-weight concrete and sand-lightweight concrete
• Addresses static, wind and seismic loads

Blue Banger Hanger internally-threaded inserts are cast into the underside of concrete deck after being fastened to the top of wood forms or metal decks. The high-strength, easy-to-install wood-form and metal-deck anchors have been tested and shown to provide outstanding performance in cracked and uncracked concrete under both static and seismic loading conditions.

In the last 10 years, this type of cast-in-place insert has grown in popularity for anchoring suspended mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment, piping and conduit. These types of anchors are quickly fastened to wood formwork or through corrugated metal deck before concrete is poured.

The Simpson Strong-Tie design is the only pre-pour insert to offer the patented multi-thread design that enables one size insert to handle multiple diameters of threaded rod. This gives flexibility to the installer in layout and to the designer in case the loads and threaded rod sizes are changed during construction.

“Until now, engineers who wanted to specify these anchors had to address the question of code-compliance every time they used them. Now, this new code report gives engineers increased confidence that they can properly design and specify the Simpson Strong-Tie Blue Banger Hanger and still comply with the requirements of the 2012 IBC,” said Ryan Vuletic, Simpson Strong-Tie Manager of Engineering/R&D for Anchor Systems.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.
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