The FasTrac converts any skid steer loader into a portable concrete mixer. Portability and versatility make the FasTrac ideal for a broad array of applications where speed is important, and space may be limited. The model 750 has a ¾ cubic yard capacity, while the model 500 has a ½ cubic yard capacity.

Wherever fast-setting concrete is used, the FasTrac is a good option because the mixing can be done right at the pour site making it easier, and less expensive than scheduling a full-sized mixer to transport concrete to places that ready mix trucks can’t reach.

A patent pending design allows contractors can pour on the left or right side, and the discharge chute extends up to six feet, providing more latitude when positioning the mixer. The pour gate seals to prevent water and material from escaping, and makes the unit ideal for self-leveling applications that involve a more fluid mix. Weighing 750 lbs. it’s easier to stay under the skid steer loader’s lifting capacity when the mixer is full.

The Concrete Mixer is powered by a hydraulic motor connected to standard quick-disconnects for skid steer loaders. The low maintenance design features a solid steel, all-welded auger; and a rubber trough-base provides the flexibility necessary to handle aggregates of varying sizes while enabling tighter tolerances for superior mixing. The main trough is designed prevent dry mix from gather in corners, and the mixing auger can operate in either direction for superior mixing.

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