Roller Screed from Lura
The Lightning Strike Screed has an aluminum threaded axle system to enhance its versatility by allowing it to accommodate any size or type of pour. The lightweight design allows for easy two-person operation and it is available with a gas or electric motor.

Lura Enterprises Inc.

Vibrating Tool
This compact, lightweight cordless vibrating unit adds vibration to all your long tools. It features a simple snap pole connection, variable speed control and a lineup of attachments. The ultimate tool for color hardener, low slumps and hand seed finishes. It runs for 3 to 5 hours and charges in 2, or go non-stop with 2 batteries.

Rattle Stick

Plastic Trowel Blade
The WAGMAN Poly Pro steel-reinforced plastic trowel blade eliminates the risk of leaving burnish marks on concrete or epoxy while providing a hard polished finish. The steel reinforcement supports the weight of ride-on trowels and moves the flex point to the correct position for finishing concrete. Plain grey, colored, or concrete to be polished, stained, or dyed benefit from the SRP blades.

Wagman Metal Products Inc.

Laser Guided Screed
Unique to the MAX Pro machine are the patent pending zero turn drive system that allows BOTH the upper boom frame and lower drive frame to independently spin 360o; the automated concrete additive spray bar system integrated into the screed head; and the onboard color touchscreen full diagnostic display.

Ligchine International

Ride-On Trowel from Wacker Neuson
Wacker Neuson paired its 48-inch ride-on trowel with a new electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine that delivers fuel more efficiently resulting in easy starting, a quicker throttle, and high blade speed capability. The CRT 48-37V mechanical steer is available with a patented assist steering system that is easy to operate and reduces fatigue. The CRT38-37-PS model uses a patented electronic steering system that combines hydraulics and electronics to create a true power steer unit.

Wacker Neuson

Steel Fresno
The 7” Wide Blue Steel Fresno working surface allows users to finish close to walls and obstructions without bracket interference. Made from high quality tempered flexible blue steel, the blade also features round ends prevent marking and gouging while creating a smooth surface. The Fresno comes complete with Kraft’s Knucklehead II bracket, but can be used with any tilting bracket.

Kraft Tool Co.

Truss Screeds
Speed Screed offers two concrete finishing machine models: Heavy Duty Concrete Screed and the Cruiser Concrete Screed. Our Heavy Duty concrete screed model is designed for high production, low slump paving operations while our Cruiser screed model is for all types of finishing projects. The Speed Screed Heavy Duty comes standard with an 8-horsepower Honda engine and the Cruiser has an optional one-side hand winch for one-person operation.

Metal Forms Corp

Allen Engineering High Performance Riding Trowel
The HP205 machine is a workhorse built for concrete professionals that delivers maximum horse power with electronic fuel injection. Utilizing torque converter clutches, it provides excellent low speed torque for low speed float panning and superior high rotor speed for finishing. This machine is a low cost alternative to diesel hydrostatic riding trowels.

Allen Engineering

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