For the past few years, manufacturers have been developing and unveiling a wide range of dust-mitigation products. Tools, attachments, and vacuums are available in corded and battery-operated versions. There are add-on attachments for existing tools as well as purpose-built tools, such as hammer drills with hollow bits that extract the dust from a hole as its being drilled. If you haven’t already been doing so and are going to use Table 1, you might want to start budgeting for them. Here are a few.

Integrated system works with company’s GBH18V-26 rotary hammer to provide high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter dust protection.

CleanSpace Technologies
Respirator designed to provide HEPA filter protection.

Integrated water pump uses gas saw’s power to produce pressurized water and reduce airborne dust.

Dry-cutting vacuum attachment for gas and electric masonry saws.

Search results give users a clear picture of OSHA-compliant solutions based on their defined needs with images and descriptions of all elements of the tool.

Milwaukee Tools
For overhead drilling applications and with a universal fit to work with all SDS Plus rotary hammers.

Minnich Mfg
Canister-style dust collector utilizes a Venturi suction unit to remove dust in the air while drilling.

National Flooring Equipment
Provides dust collection equipment and hands-on equipment training to promote safe and efficient surface preparation.

RNP Industries
Power Mist dust suppression system dampens dust with a very fine water mist eliminating the need for vacuums or additional damping.

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