Dragon Screed continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the screeding and grading industry with its new DS-34 adjustable screed. Designed with contractor efficiency top of mind, you are now able to screed concrete and level gravel from the comfort of a telehandler. The DS-34 not only allows you to screed wider than previous models - from 25 to 34 feet wide - it can also be crowned up, down or neutral, all using the same screed system.

A simple, single-point adjustment allows the screed to be crowned up or down as much as four inches in either direction, allowing you to customize each pour to the necessary specifications. Whether you are pouring at 23 foot wide, 32 foot wide, or anywhere in between, you can easily adjust your crown up or down - to as much as one inch in four feet. Of course, the screed also adjusts back to neutral for when you want that ultra-flat finish.

Dragon Screed’s DS-34 is the game-changer that every contractor has been waiting for. Dragon Screeds are specifically designed to reduce stress on employees, level concrete and gravel faster, and boost your profitability on any flatwork project.

The DS-34 also grades the gravel base, allowing for perfect leveling of the base layer, from four to 12 inches deep, saving you time and labor. This process also saves contractors from wasting concrete and produces a stronger, more uniform slab that extends the life of the finished product.

With Dragon Screed’s DS-34, you will reduce the negative effects of shrinkage, scaling and cracking due to too much moisture in your concrete. The screed does all the hard work, allowing you to pour at a lower slump. It drags the concrete down, floats it and vibrates it with each pass, for a smoother, stronger and longer-lasting slab. You will maximize your labor savings by seeing up to a 50% reduction in time and labor needed per job. With Dragon Screed, your pour day problems are over - take advantage of short weather windows, pour bigger jobs with small crews, and save your employees from straining their backs and knees.

The DS-34 is highly-adjustable and can be operated forward or in reverse, offset to the right or left, or moved in front of the machine. Bidding bigger jobs like parking lots, roadways and bridges is now a reality for smaller crews. With Dragon Screed, bigger jobs aren’t just attainable, they’re also easier.

So whether you are pouring large parking lots or controlling the drainage on a long roadway, the easily-adjustable Dragon Screed DS-34 will allow you to stop dragging concrete and gravel. Stop losing projects to other contractors. Pour more concrete in a day. Win more projects in a year. Cash more checks in a month. And take your free time back.

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