The SMART pokers are available with 1-7/8 inch and 2-3/16 inch poker heads. Their radii of action allow contractors to work in areas as large as 22 inches in diameter, which minimizes the number of dips. The pokers also operate with high centrifugal force and amplitude to provide as many as 12,000 vibrations per minute. This combination of forces allows contractors to achieve optimal concrete density in nearly half the time as traditional pokers for maximum productivity on any job.

They use a convenient plug and poke system, which means users can simply plug them into to a 120-volt outlet and get to work. The 230-volt pokers feature a built-in frequency converter that eliminates the need for an additional converter to adjust the frequency. And, because the pokers operate with electricity, no gas fumes are emitted, which makes them ideal for work on indoor projects or in confined spaces.

For easy maneuverability on the jobsite, the SMART pokers come with 32.8 feet of electrical cable and 16.4 feet of hose, with longer hose options available. Thanks to aluminum housing, the pokers weigh just 35 pounds 30 percent lighter than traditional units with steel housing.

Atlas Copco designed the SMART pokers with a motor-in-head design. This helps keep vibrations in the poker head, which allows contractors to work more comfortably. The SMART pokers also feature an “E” pistol design for an easy, comfortable grip.

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