Designed with Graco’s patent-pending piston pump technology and an efficient direct drive motor, the ToughTek SL340e moves self-leveling cement quickly from a centralized mixing station to your construction site floor. For jobs that require more than a pallet of material, this is the ideal solution to work with contractors' existing barrel mixers.

Simply set up the ToughTek SL340e near the pallets of material and have two to three mixers dumping into the pump's hopper, keeping it full at all times. The hose will deliver material up to 300 feet horizontally and 50 feet vertically so the contractor can pump self-leveling cement on multiple floors.

What really sets the ToughTek SL340e apart from other pumps is the ability to run on standard 120V power. This gives crews the capability to pump up to 130 bags per hour from nearly any power source, including most portable generators.

The Graco ToughTek SL340e self-leveling pump is a revolutionary new machine in an industry dominated by mixing, wheeling, and dumping. Keep the mixers near the material and let the pump get the material to the floor.


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