The high-output Honda GX50 incorporates a higher displacement, making it an ideal power match for demanding commercial, rental, industrial, and construction applications. With a maximum output of 1.47kW (1.97 horsepower) and weight of 4.72 kg (10.4 lbs.), the power-to-weight ratio of the engine is equal to a comparable two-stroke engine; however, the GX50 produces lower emissions while being more fuel efficient. An automatic decompression mechanism reduces the recoil pull load, thereby reducing the start-up load.

The GX50 comes equipped an innovative bridge guard design, a wide, scratch-resistant area with protruding edges that provides stability and protects the engine cowling in upside down positions during maintenance intervals. An inner protector between the muffler and the outer cover helps to reduce noise. The Honda GX50 is available nationwide, and parts and service are widely available through the Honda National Dealer Network. For commercial and rental use, all models carry a one-year warranty, and for residential use, a two-year warranty applies.

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