The DC 200 is a versatile attachment for surface profiling rock or concrete, trenching, excavating frozen soil, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition and dredging. The 56 tungsten carbide-tipped picks on each side of the machine rotate and chip away at the surface material to the desired depth or complete removal. If the material is not completely removed, a smoother, more uniform surface results so material can be removed more easily or used as back fill without additional crushing. The DC 200 is suitable for use on restricted job sites and sensitive urban areas due to the low noise and low vibration levels.


  • Versatile - excellent choice for trenching, surface removal and profiling in rock, concrete or hard soil.
  • Improved efficiency - unique software solution enables sufficient flow and pressure for maximum working efficiency and mobility.
  • Low noise and vibrations - suitable for use in sensitive areas.
  • Precise - produces an even surface and smaller grains.

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