Inventive help

Recently we’ve been getting correspondence from a company called InventHelp. Apparently they work with inventors to get the word out. Although some ideas they’ve sent are intriguing, they primarily seek investors for an untested idea that may or may not have merit. It doesn’t appear they are very discriminating. Here’s one idea: The Concrete Epoxy Drill Brush (or CEDB), “a wire brush that would install into the head of an electric drill for easier, automatic, more accurate cleaning of drilled concrete holes.” Who knows? Everyone has a great idea for something to save the planet—or at least make a few bucks.

RH specifications

Wagner Meters has put together a list of specifications for permissible slab moisture contents from the various U.S. flooring manufacturers at Some of these are set up as real specifications, although most are product data sheets or installation instructions linked to manufacturers. This is intended to inform architects, owners, and flooring installers what levels of concrete slab moisture are acceptable for different floor coverings. Most manufacturers list both an internal relative humidity and an MVER. It’s a great resource, although getting to the list is challenging: look under Manufacturers Specifying Relative Humidity Testing on the left.

Concrete lamps

We’ve seen concrete countertops and tables; now a concrete lamp from German artist Joachim Manz who received the 2008 iF design award. The concrete for the Trabant lamp is cast and packed by hand, leaving the spherical surface randomly riddled with holes and air bubbles. The light hangs from a wire cord and is closed with a curved glass lens to create a perfect sphere. At a price of €600, true art doesn’t come cheap!

Most innovative

We just finished compiling the entries to this year’s Most Innovative Products at the World of Concrete. Because we’re asking you to vote for the products you find most innovative (go to, I’m not going to tell you which I like. But I think you’ll find that our industry hasn’t been taking a break during these slow times—perhaps the opposite. Check them out and choose your favorites.

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