The new system eliminates seams, improves the architectural finish, and significantly reduces labor costs.

Seamless Design. Increased Quality. Reduced Costs.
New FitzLok single-use, plastic formliner panels have keyed ends which include an overlapping grout joint system that locks into place. It completely eliminates the time it previously took to tape or glue, and align formliner panels. With the FitzLok system there is no more sacking, patching, or grinding to eliminate seams or butt joints which occur with standard 4’ x 8’ formliner panels. FitzLok form liners substantially reduce pre-assembly time and post-production labor costs as well. This time savings unlocks more profit in every job.

All Standard Smooth Brick and Block Designs are Available:
Modular Bricks
Utility Bricks
Closure Bricks
Custom Patterns and Sizes

Here’s How FitzLok Formliners Reduce Labor Costs:
Seamless finish, horizontal and vertical
100% recyclable
Eliminates butt joints from showing through the brick face
No costly, expansive, or heavy mats to move
No sealing or taping
No sacking, patching or rubbing
Eliminates concrete leakage
Finger-jointed system
Easy assembly
Greater design flexibility
Easy to trim

Fitzgerald Formliners

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