MEGASLAB is innovative due to its durability, limitless applications, and user-friendliness. Due to its proprietary and patent-pending process utilizing various nanotechnologies, MEGASLAB can be placed in most all applications requiring concrete. Most notably, it has been proven in exterior applications with no control joints, and with abrasion resistance greater than the steel track of a 154,000 lb D10 Bulldozer. It has also been placed in elevated slab on metal deck with virtually no cracks. Finishers across the country placing MEGASLAB for the first time have quickly adapted and been able to successfully place and finish with reduced effort over traditional concrete.

Durability - Through extensive laboratory and field testing, MEGASLAB has been formulated to resist the attack of deicing salts and brine, and due to its dramatically improved abrasion resistance, the heavy equipment industry sees a tremendous value in the product.

Applications - MEGASLAB is ideally suited for a multitude of applications and markets including: cold storage, logistics, heavy equipment, mining and metals, industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, tilt wall, elevated (on metal deck and PT), aviation, robotics, medical, data centers, DOT paving, and runway paving, to name a few.

User-friendliness - Our starting mix design is based on common and readily available materials found in virtually all marketplaces. Concrete trucks can be dosed and mixed in less than 5 minutes, and placing and finishing MEGASLAB has been all the rave from the finishers in the field. Schedules can be accelerated due to the elimination of rebar and no saw-cutting. Also, adjacent placements can be performed the next day.