The MX-20MT features a 1-metric-ton mixer with a high-speed hydraulic agitator that keeps materials blended and in suspension as it flows to the 4-inch swing-tube piston pump. The pump operates with up to 2,200 psi pumping pressure for consistent installation of as much as 20 metric tons of material per hour. Customers can vertically pump refractory material in excess of 300 feet and load the hopper with as much as 2,500 pounds of material.

Blastcrete’s popular swing-out hopper gives users quick cleanup and maintenance. Customers can also use the unit with Blastcrete’s patented DustAway system, which consists of an innovative bulk bag design that attaches to a mixer to contain dust as the mixer fills. Controlling dust to new permissible exposure limits DustAway helps meet impending OSHA regulations for crystalline silica dust.

The machines 22-square-foot platform provides 50 percent more space to give operators ample room to maneuver for safe operation. Lifting eyes on the platform allow operators to use a crane to lift the machine and place it on a flatbed for traveling longer distances. Blastcrete offers the MX-20MT with an optional skid-mounted framework that reduces the overall length, width and height of the machine.

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