TSB mobile mixer enables ready-mix plants to produce all types of concrete mixes, including RCC.

CEI Enterprises introduces the TSB Mobile Batch Mixer as the newest product in the company’s line of concrete mixing equipment. The TSB is designed to fit into an existing ready-mix batch plant and allow it to produce all types of concrete mixes, including RCC.

The TSB consists of a twin-shaft mixer with an integral high-precision water metering system, adjustable feed gate, and an incline conveyor, all mounted on a portable
chassis. Dry materials from the ready-mix plant are fed into the twin-shaft mixer,
where a precise amount of water is added. Within a few seconds of mix time, the mixed
concrete is released to the conveyor, which then transports the mix to a delivery truck.

CEI Senior Engineer, Kevin Wentland, P.E. states: “The TSB provides existing ready mix plants with a means to produce RCC and other concrete mixes through the use of a
portable twin shaft batch mixer placed under the existing concrete plant with a set-up
time of less than 30 minutes. This flexibility of material supply greatly expands the
capabilities for smaller projects using RCC.

CEI Enterprises

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