An innovative anchor-bolt template system manufactured by Las Vegas-based Precision Concrete Anchor-Setting Systems Inc. (PCAS) helps to ensure accurate and plumb bolt placement in concrete. The system uses rigid but fully adjustable clamps to hold the anchor bolts in an open steel framework. It not only ensures precise bolt placement, it permits unrestricted finishing of the concrete right up to the bolt. The reusable system is also easy to relocate, making it ideal for repeated pours where the bolt placement is the same, such as for gantry crane rail baseplates or signal and lighting standards.

Template systems are available in standard sizes to fit square or rectangular column forms, tube forms, and wall forms. They can accommodate spans up to 60 inches. Custom systems can also be designed for different span requirements. Any of the templates can be installed with just a screwdriver, measuring tape, and wrench. A Long Beach, Calif., contractor saved time and labor using the system to place anchor bolts for 7,000 lineal feet of gantry crane rails for the Port of Long Beach. On this project, the template system was used to accommodate wood forms having a 54-inch span and metal forms having a 33-inch span. Crews were able to install each anchor bolt at an average rate of only six minutes.