Nomaco is now introducing a full product line of 30 plank sizes in thicknesses ranging from ½” to 1” and widths from 3 ½” to 8”. Nomaflex extends the service life of concrete by acting as a filler for full-depth expansion joints in sidewalks, streets, driveways, highways, airport runways and other applications.

Nomaco developed the product to solve common problems for installers, including concrete joint sealant failure, difficult installation, product breakage and on-going joint maintenance challenges.

Unlike AIFB joint filler products, Nomaflex is: 1. An inherent bond breaker – When using sealants, no bond breaker is needed. This reduces cost and improves installation time. Nomaflex does not impede cure time.
2. Waterproof – Nomaflex will not absorb water and will remain in place for years.
3. Lightweight – Nomaflex weighs 75% less than competing asphalt impregnated fiberboard products, making it easy for one person to carry multiple bundles.
4. Flexible – Nomaflex can be used as a form, bending to a 12-inch diameter if needed, but it is rigid enough to pass across wet pours without breaking.
5. Inert – Nomaflex resists oils, gas, salts, acetone & other chemicals.
6. Clean & Durable – Nomaflex has no sticky residue, does not leach and will not break or flake.
7. Easy to Install – Nomaflex can be nailed or staked and is compatible with plastic edge caps to leave void for sealants.
8. Re-usable & Recyclable – Nomaflex can be used multiple times as a form to reduce cost and waste. Made of polypropylene, it is also recyclable.


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