The Optimizer, another product in the long line of insulating concrete form (ICF) innovations from NUDURA, will offer installers and designer the ability to match more stack heights and reduce installation costs. As the newest member to NUDURA’s ICF Series, the Optimizer will minimize design limitations and allow NUDURA to enter different market segments.

“NUDURA has always wanted to bring innovation that helps installers and designers build and design more efficiently,” said Murray Snider, President and CEO for NUDURA. “The Optimizer is another first for our industry.”

Available in four section sizes, the Optimizer allows installers and designers the ability to meet 17 different stack scenarios without the need to cut or rip forms. “The really exciting part about the Optimizer is that we can now meet any 16” building material stack height and do better by meeting any 6-in. increment of wall height without cutting,” Snider added. “With the growth of the ICF industry and the diverse market segments on the horizon for NUDURA, the Optimizer is a welcomed addition to our product line.”

The Optimizer utilizes NUDURA’s innovative DURALOK Technology to securely lock forms into place with triple-toothed interlocks, eliminating the need to wire or glue forms. The result is a drastic reduction in labor costs during installation. Once the forms are stacked together, a continuous height-fastening strip ensures the wall becomes a single unit. Because the product placement is indiscriminate, the installation process is improved.

“Speed of installation and minimizing design limitations is what separates NUDURA from the competition,” Snider explained. “With the launch of the One Series and the Optimizer, both firsts in the industry, 2014 has been an exciting year. These products show our dedication to bringing innovative solutions to the building industry.”

The Optimizer will be available in four different core sizes ranging from 6 ins. up to 12 ins. and available in North America and Europe through NUDURA Authorized distributors.

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